Johnny More  

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JOHNNY MORE, one of the world's top impressionists, is a very funny comedian who in his early years in show business was a band singer - and an extremely good one, appearing on many many BBC Radio Variety and Music Shows,

His Cabaret act is a complete variety show. Entertaining you with his wonderful singing voice, and with his immaculate timing, facial expressions and wickedly funny observations on life, he will have you roaring with laughter. His impressions of Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Arnold Schwarzeneger, Jack Nicholson, Sylvester Stallone, and many others, will astound you with the accuracy with which he performs them. Add to these the hilariously funny Frank Carson, Billy Connolly, Bernard Manning, George Burns and Jackie Mason, along with his Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond and Barry White, which are showstoppers, and you've got yourself a classy and entertaining evening,

He has successfully presented many trade promotions for international companies such as - POLYCEL, TOYOTA, CROWN PAINTS, CROOKS MEDICINES, SONY, SHARP, THORN ELECTRIC, BLACK & DECKER, SHELL, MITSUBISHI and many others,

You are assured of First Class Entertainment from a man who has performed on the back of a truck in Belize, a hut in the Falklands, from Las Vegas to the London Palladium. He has entertained successfully on the World's leading cruise liners, such as the QE2, the P & O Princess, the Crown Princess, the Royal Viking Sun, etc. English, Americans and Canadians all together enjoying his wonderful talents.

A complete standing ovation from sixteen hundred people in the Great Room at the Grosvenor House Hotel, when, in the words of Jimmy Tarbuck and Paul Daniels, he did seventeen minutes of Pure Magical Entertainment at the Water Rats Ball.

Princes Charles, Philip and Edward, Princesses Diana, Anne and the Duchess of York, have all enjoyed his act at various Royal functions.

WHO DO YOU DO was one of the most successful prime time Television shows ever, and JOHNNY MORE starred in every one of the FIVE series.

THE IMPRESSIONISTS, one of the longest running comedy shows on BBC Radio 2, ran for fifteen years and Johnny was with it all the way.

Only a few of his impressions are mentioned in this CV but, to give you an idea of the accuracy of some of them, he once fooled Eaman O'Neill on BBC Radio into thinking he was interviewing, by telephone, Sean Connery. The date - APRIL 1st .

On a COMIC RELIEF radio phone-in, four women and one man were convinced that they had spoken to Sean Connery.

A Northern Ireland travel agent turned up for a game of golf thinking that Frank Carson had invited him, but it was Johnny, who also played the part of Neil Kinnock in Yorkshire Television's THE NEW STATESMAN and he has an award from THE INTERNATIONAL TV AND FILM FESTIVAL OF NEW YORK for his vocal impression of Jim Reeves in a TV documentary. He also
starred in the new series of WHO DO YOU DO on Sky TV and is the singer of the title song on BBC2's FRIDAY NIGHT ARMISTICE.