Robert Winsor Charity Golf

Items bought in Mallorca since 1999 include:

Eleven - 9 seater mini buses

Eight -16 seater minibuses
There are now 19 Penguin buses (many fitted with hydraulic platforms) driving around Mallorca, enabling many seriously handicapped children to stay in the comfort and security of their wheelchairs going back and forth to school

Hospital bill for removing life threatening large tumour on 7 year old Jose Felix Fernandez's chin (18.134 euros)

Hydraulic platform for Cristina Cisneros's father's car, enabling her to stay in the security of her wheelchair going back and forth to school (6.500 euros)

Hydraulic platform fitted to Celia Fernandez's father's van, enabling her to travel in her wheelchair (6750 euros)

Thomas Hughes is 8 yrs old but stuck in a phase of babyhood - donations of 8,970 euros have enabled him to go to “Footsteps Rehabilitation Centre“ where he is learning to walk

202 wheelchairs ranging from a basic comfy chair (1,400 euros) up to a state of the art powered wheelchair (6,000 euros) for a completely handicapped young man who operates the chair by using his chin

Special cancer treatment for 8 year old boy

Donation of minibuses or equipment to following associations:

Febed . sports for paraplegics
Aspanob helping children with cancer
Asnimo home for Downs Syndrome children
Amadiba handicapped children
Mothers association
Centro Isla occupational centre
Gasper Hauser centre for Autistic children
Nazaret home for orphaned children
Foundation Sergio Garcia
Llar Del Menor home for abandoned children
Association de Esclerosis Multiple
Mater Misericordia centre for handicapped children
Amiticia taking handicapped children on outings
Asdica handicapped childrens centre Son Ferrer
Fundacion Balear Contra La Violencia De Genero
Aspace centre for brain paralysed children
Juan 23 centre for handicapped children Inca
Consell Insular Ibiza
Minyones home for abandoned children
Joves Navegants
The Laurie Engel Fund
Centro Dia Rehacer
Varity Club Great Britain
Centro Ortopedico Palma, S.A.L
Rotary Club Calvia
Allen Graham Charity 4 Kids
Aspaprode caring for handicapped babies

In the UK over 200 electric wheelchairs bought for handicapped children (1980-88)

Robert Winsor Charity Golf has spent 1,967,052 euros on the above items
(updated March 2010)