Peter Stringfellow  

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Peter Stringfellow, proprietor of Stringfellow's in London's West End, is not only the most famous nightclub owner in the world. Even in the late 1990s, in the land of Oasis and Loaded, he still maintains a notorious reputation as Britain's favourite playboy.

Born to the sound of falling German bombs in 1940, Peter Stringfellow built his dreams out of the rubble of the Blitz. His life is a classic rags to riches tale that documents the rise and fall of every musical trend, fad and scene (in which he is usually to be found in a supporting role) since the dawn of pop music itself - and just as conclusively by-passes, with a healthy lack of concern, every significant development in feminism and sexual politics.

Peter's autobiography, King of Clubs, opens the doors on over thirty incredible years in the nightclub world, when Peter has been faithful only to, controversy and his own unique status in the showbusiness scene. Incorrigible womaniser and friend to the stars, his private and business life - a salacious cocktail of glitz, glamour and g-strings - continues to hit the tabloid headlines. Self-deprecating, forthright and hilariously funny, Peter recalls everything and more for the first time, in a sensational story peppered with anecdotes about the beautiful, rich and famous from the Beatles to Blur and back again.

So come lay your pretensions aside, gather at the court of King Stringfellow, and discover how a Sheffield steelworker's son survived a prison sentence, bankruptcy, two divorces and the New York Mafia to see his name up in lights on both sides of the Atlantic.